Saturday, November 24, 2007

A moment to RemembeR

The waves are crashing against the rocks. The roar of the wind and water is deafening. She gazes at all and remembers. The sky is filled with fluffy clouds and she dreams those beautiful dreams.

Gently she remembers the lovely thoughts that bring a smile upon her face, the sky clears away and the sun shines in the bright blue sky.
Many sweet memories; a written article, a sudden encounter with a long lost friend, a birthday gift, the funny tales of trouble, those celebrity to be ideas, the birthday of her baby, a new place, the butterflies, a birthday with two cakes, the teasing times, the rain, the party, something new, all of them memories just bring a smile.

As the thoughts of the past flickered, a few too many sad times occurred. Yes, she had her share of tears too. The sky clouds with dark grey clouds. The sea is rough and the waves splash at her feet. Calm and serene still, she looks skywards. A droplet falls on her cheek from the heavens and yet another from her eyes.
She remembers the life of a woman she led and that the day is not over yet. She remembers the day she was shunned by the world. She remembers the lonely nights when she wanted to disappear and wish the sun never rose again. She remembers the day the glass cut deep into her heart and the day she questioned her own credibility. She remembers how she wanted to break free and how then she questioned her sanity.

Now, as she stands, the day passes to ttwilight. At twilight hour she wonders where she is headed and the age old question has its answer right there in the breeze and the splashing waters. The waters always have something to say to her. Today they say move on, but remember your past. Move on, but rememeber those moments when you cried and remember to smile again at them. Move on, but rememebr that which brought a smile on your face and remember never to forget that.

Night has fallen. Time to go home little girl.
Her little feet struggle to walk over the sand and she stumbles but walks on. One last look at the waters, she knows that's where her life began and she knows that's where it shall end.
So young and yet so many memories but they all fade away soon. She wants to remmeber them all. So she stores them safely. For herself and for me.


Friday, November 23, 2007

HuH ! My 99th !!!

I like the number 99 :)

Well, I was thinking. Now that my 100th is coming I need to thank everyone for it. And then follow Nimit here with all his psuede puts of global tracking and stuff. I don't have so much to say. Well, I do thank everyone who has ever commented on my blog, sincerely and honestly. Like I already posted, without your comments my blog would have never made it to the 100th (or 99th or the filmfare award :P )

I also would like to thank everyone who has inspired me.

And a lot of blah blah blah. I really meant the blah stuff. but it sounds so blah when written :P .. too cliche I guess.

But I shall write a 100th post.
In a slightly different way.
How? I dunno yet.
But it shall be a post I'll never forget.
Let's see what comes up.

Comment Plz

Yes... please do comment after reading this post...
Why would I want you to do that ?
Because that's why we have a blog, to see comments... to feel good that people do read your non sense and actually have something to say about it.
You wait for comments, you ask for comments, you reply to comments and they the essential life behind the blog itself.

I have seen blogs that have posts and posts and no comments and finally it goes down and has no more posts.
A once upon time boring rather dull blog is revived once comments start pouring in.
It's the activity.

In real life too...
Would you be alone? or would you rather live when you know your existence matters to someone, even if its just in a small way ( positive or negative :P ) ?
You might retort immediately by saying I'd rather be alone.
Yes, I began a blog once thinking that no one should know it's me. Infact that's what my about me says.
Now when I read my about me it's LOL max.
Infact, I m 'crazygal' now, and no longer 'twilight fairy'.. It had sentimental attachments which make me feel sorry now that I no longer connect to the feelings and emotions.

[Oh btw, I fought with another Twilight Fairy who asked me to change my blogger name. Vague.]

Yes, I need attention now. And so does everyone else whether one agrees or not.

Talktome: i envy u
Crazygal: why ?
Talktome: u got cmnts
no mater wat u write
i bet even if u put a blank blog
junta will cmnt
Crazygal: eh ?
no way
Talktome: ur smiley got cmnts
Crazygal: oh yeah
my smiley got comments
ok lets try this out
i put a blank
n see what happens
lets see
Talktome: :)
i realised somethin
everybody loves cmnts
Talktome: yes ?
of course
thats why u blog
Talktome: no maatter how many he/she gets
Crazygal: not enuf


And that's how my blog post "blank" came into being... Bad experiment though.. only 3 ppl bothered to comment... :( ... err.. may be i shud have waited sli bit more....

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My First Header

Checked out my google reader today morn to find czar's new header.
And I wondered why I never had a header. So to test how the header looks I arbitly put a pic. It looked pathetic coz the header was a huge image in itself. I looked at my cell : 9.00. I decided to put 30 mins and see what I can come up with.
And this is what I have:

which you would have already seen incase you came upto my page unless of course you are on google reader too.
Now as usual this is gonna be my new craze and I ll keep changing it every week. But I have end sems (read as majors, or =externals, or wateva) starting tomorrow. So I shouldn't come up with anything until 30th Nov.
Lets see.

( and btw I changed my template yday night for all those google readers so please do drop by )


(technically not since I had a stupid trial hader which you would have seen in case u visited my site between 8.45 and 9.45 today morn whic I believe is highly unlikely)

newer header with a few changes

Monday, November 19, 2007

How lame can one get ??

Status msg :
Incase of utmost boredom and urge to get bugged and pained, ping me and hear me crib about the avalache of exmas that are ahead which I believe are trivial in your case.. Incase of just utmost boredom read this :


Muahaha: thats a lame status message btw :)
Crazygal: thanks for the comment
Muahaha: you dont think so?
Crazygal: i jus put what i was thinking
Muahaha: thats ok
but dont u think its lame?
Crazygal: nope
Muahaha: :)
Crazygal: i m not as witty as you are am i ??
Muahaha: things can be non-witty and non-lame
like serious things
smart things
okay things
but your status message is just lame
Crazygal: neither am i serious nor am i smart
i m jus a pained soul

Muahaha: not talking about you
i am talking about your status message
Crazygal: more like myself aint it ??
Muahaha: it it had been i wouldnt have commented on it
you are capable of better status messages
than this 'lame' one
Crazygal: how does it matter if i m good enough.. i jus cant come up with better stat msg
Muahaha: you have, in d past
Crazygal: live in the present
Muahaha: lol
Crazygal: past had beautiful things
it had fateful stuff too

Muahaha: present is lame?
Crazygal: yeah


A good guy and the bad guy
The devil and the angel
Inside your head

Movies eh ?
Watching too many movies ?
Inside your head

Open your mouth
Words don't get out
Inside your head

Eyes flicker
Between right and left (wrong?)
Inside your head

Huh! Gone mad
Agitated thoughts
Inside your head

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I haVe beTTEr thiNgs tO DO

How would you feel invaded by a giant smiley ?? Ironic isn't it ??

Friday, November 16, 2007

Sometimes jus Smile

Walking out of my hostel I pulled my jacket closer. It was freezing. Unbelievable that Chennai can be so cold. People were lingering outside hostel and there was a lot of lively chatter. I had come out for a hot cup of coffee. Walked into the food court and ordered for a cup. On second thought I made that two; one cup has never been enough.
Sitting down by myself, I looked around and noticed that there was no familiar face. Weird! I usually run into a lot of people. But then the lively chatter is always familiar. I have always loved the sound of people around me.
The food court was much warmer than the open air and the coffee was very hot. Soon enough I felt hot in my jacket, but didn’t take it off. Finished my coffee in utter quietness and walked out.
As soon as I went out into the open, the freezing air hit my face and it felt cold. The little sweat on my forehead felt colder. I stood there for a second, took off my jacket and let myself feel the chill. Looking around I found the area completely deserted. There was not a single soul in sight. The sounds of the food court could not be heard. There was complete silence. Nothing but the chill air spoke. It seemed like a scene from a movie, where everyone has evacuated and I m the only one left or landed up in the wrong place.
I kept walking, freezing, but I somehow loved it. I had always hated cold. But today it seemed different. It was like telling me something, to start, to begin. I felt like I was transported to a different world and that I could start afresh something new. I don’t know what it meant but it comforted me.
For the first time in my life, I was so cold to the bone and I was still smiling.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007




So they all say...

They said you can do it.
They said it doesn't matter
They said few years from now that is the last thing you'll think about
They said once you get it all the matters is that you are in
They said now one will question

But then I was questioned
They said it will last only for a month at max
They said it wouldn't matter after that
They said it's all worth it
They said it
They said it over and over again

And then what happened ?

My first interview
First question : What's your JEE rank ?
Second question : 1st attempt or 2nd attempt ?

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Man who Stared !!

It was the stare. The long and steady stare. The fearless challenging stare. It's just the stare. It defines him. I was looking at him. And looking at those he was staring at. They had to summon a lot of courage to talk simple words to him. They seemed to be scared of him. Seemed to look up to him in awe.
No, the stare was not cruel. Neither was it arrogant. It wasn't menacing. It was far from anything that's remotely scary. It was truthful.
Ah! But I was a little girl then. Little did I know that truth was what men feared most. That truthful stare of righteousness mirrors a man who can do no wrong, and who will accept with humility if he ever does. There they were men who have been always polite, who assume roles of kind duties. There they were, struggling to summon courage. No, they had not made a mistake. No, they did not cheat. No, they had nothing to fear. But still they did. They feared that stare.

I remember that day in detailed memory,of the man who stared.
Aand so it goes, that to this day when he stares that truthful righteous stare, men shall lose their tongue over and over again.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Its amazing how you can speak right to my heart

Miss that. Miss every little part of it. How much you loved your best friend and now you miss the telepathic conversations.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

THE trip

We had an industrial trip to Greaves Cotton (15mins from main gate) today. Nice place. Small but I liked it.

the eve:
My room was stuffed. Apart from the fact that the 8x10 ft room is small enough, I had sirisha in with her huge bean bag and roomie in on my football bag. I was on the bed, or rather one half of the bed. I love it when it's stuffed. Dunno when I crashed.

the day :
Next I know it was 8 15 when I woke up. I was startled. Shook sirisha up. We had to be at gurunath by 8 30. Sli... Landed there at 8 45. The bus started a little past 9. And we got lost ! :)

the trip:

Finally we reached. And we saw. And we learnt. And we got tired. And we came back. And I crashed and crashed.

The biggest thing I learnt today : I can't stay in the industry for two continous hours forget about working there and I call myself a 'mechanical engineer'-to-be.
Other stuff I learnt : saw parts on I C engines, saw the CNC machines, awesome coolants, blah blah blah. everything was just stud.

At the end of it, 'Nice Experience'!

Thursday, November 08, 2007


That's what happened at the Sharav Play. We were a bunch of girls. We had a box to talk about. But before that we had a set to put up, props to carry, lights to operate, sound effects.

props to carry : the bench was so heavy, if not for Jhopdi and his vols it would have been impossible.

set to put up : the backdrop dropped in the middle of the play. We, the cast, carried pots over.

lights to operate : err.. I was part of cast, but the only scene that needed lights was when I was offstage so I handled it. But the spot was so bad that I bulbed and finally it cupped

sound effects : we packed it

oh yeah ! acting : decently done

direction : good crack

script : hmmm... should have looked up somthing better

Over all comment. We pulled off decently, didn't put place, didn't expect it either. But the biggest issue is that support systems crashed.

Just to add. Sharav was leading (and fighting between fist and second positions) in the inter hostel lit-soc events. After yesterday's double win of drams and short film making, godav leads now.

Final mood : I am shit pained. Period.

MY butterfly

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A bunch of Girls and a BOX

It's just a cardboard box ! A stupid cardboard box !
Then why should it not be moved, titled, opened or shaken ?
No, It's only a bloody box. Or is it ?
What's in it ??

Come and find out.
Sharavathi Hostel presents
An adaptation of "A Little Box of Oblivion"
5 pm , IC & SR
7th Oct 2007