Tuesday, May 29, 2007

One Rainy Night

It was pouring heavily.
It was night.
It was dark outside.
I was in my living room alone, watching TV.
There was thunder and lightning outside.
I was safe in the warmth of the house.
And then suddenly, there was a huge bolt of lightning, a huge thunder in the sky.
There was a flash on the tv screen.
And the house went dark.

And that's house my TV stopped working.

The tripper had tripped, so we got power back pretty soon... except the TV dint work...until the Onida guy came over 3 days later....


"Rang De Basanti..........naam lete hi akha India ko aamir khan ya sharman joshi yaaad ata hai...sala kisi ko bhi Bhagat singh,Sukh dev ya Raj guru yaad nahi ata....bole to kya durgatti ho gayeli hai mamu....."

That's the status msg (on gtalk )of a frn of mine today... it seemed so right... after all the patriotism that Rang de Basanti tried to put into us, this is what is left... sad...

hmmm... these status msges... they convey so much... i shud have blogged them out during the end sems... some were funny.. some were sad... some were jus blant....
my fav was ( i tried to recollect the exact words.. i might have failed )
" God said let their be light.. i said lite ra mamma..."

My status msg should just be "Single" :)

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Books Books Books

- it was the BQC title song I guess

I used to read a lot of books
Started with ( in order )
Nancy Drew : case files
Nancy Drew : mystery stories
Famous Five
The Three Investigators
Hardy Boys
Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Super mystery
Sweet Valley University Series
Sydney Sheldon
Jeffrey Archer
Harry Potter Series

And then it ended. I started reading some arbit books. You know, the so called best sellers

Some of them were good; like
Atlas Shrugged ( hmmm...it’s for women passionate abt success )
The Alchemist ( everyone who believes in magic should read this one )
Wheels ( I call it the mech engg fairytale )
(wow I cant think of anymore)

Some of them were boring; like
Five Point Someone
One Night @ Call centre
Fountain Head
( these are the books I started reading... but couldn’t finish )

May be I couldn’t finish them coz I grew out of them. I mean, I liked some books, and when the same author writes another in the same style, I didn’t like. May be if I read my fav books again they may not impress me now.

anyway... i wanted to blog this... so that ppl temme what i shud read or why i could possibly not a like abook or something...

A Magical Journey to your Dream

A wonderful book. It’s sweet and simple. It’s straight and normal. It’s magical and amazing. It’s the one of the best I’ve read. It’s called The Alchemist

It’s about hope. It’s about never giving up. It’s about struggle. But more importantly, it’s about dreams that come true.

For me a lot many dreams have come true. Simple as they may be, they’ve come true in a slightly modified way. Little things in life that I have wished for have happened. But I didn’t realize that immediately.

I feel that it happens to everyone. The story “The Alchemist” seems to me like it happens to us all the time. All we have to do is look at the world differently. It’s magical alright.

Open your eyes and look around. You’ll see magic everywhere. And I mean it when I say “everywhere” !!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cybercafe with Nimit - the grand finale

there we go again.. the second half of the my conv with NIMIT

boys and girls welcome back
we are of course in conversation wid Pranava
so lets start wid part 2 ...

: thank you nimit... that was indeed a long wait
1st of all lemme thank Pranava for a wonderful Part1... and the TRP or PAGE RANKING of Pranava's blog indicates tht the PART 1 was a big hit... so we are back for one more rocking Session of Cyberchat wid Nimit : err... it was cybercafe (like in koffee :)

ok so here we go
Choose one (and dont think.. just ans !!)
frnds / family ? :
ok good
frnds/ pranava ? :
dunno... depends on situation
tea/coffee ? : coffee anyday
blogging / music ? : music
ohk...past/present/future ? : present
hmmm... tht means u believe in KAL HO NAA HO philosophy ? : nope.. I think abt future... but i don bet on it... i bet only on my present
ohk.. dont wanna tell our viewers tht i m interviewing a smart girl again !!!
ohk.. choose -- money /fame ?: fame
ohk.. probably thts the reason why u r here on this show !! : yeah... its my chance to glory right !! :P
yup ! thts cool.. work / rest ? : u asked already... work
IIT/ Home ? : iit :) its hell remember ??
yup ! i rem
so final one Koffee wid Karan or Cybecafe wid Nimit ? :)
(ans carefully !! ) :
cybercafe with Nimit for sure... (its my show )
not urs !! its mine... :P
may be concept is Ours !!
but i m the host so its mine !
: the name of the show is mine :P ok... its ours
ohk.. cool.. no issues !!
so lets go to nxt section
ready ? :
as ever!

define the following
Nimit :
nut head ( thought it sounded poetic .. no offense) :P
ohk frndship : best thing that cud happen
ohk family ? : born-with concepts
hmm... love ? : something thats confused often with friendship
ohk.. very well answered ..
so how many times did u get confused ???:)
all the 100 times :P
hehe... cool re.. but again m sure u wont mention names
obba names are not allowed
well answered except the one in which u did not mention the names !! :P

Well done Pranava... very well played.. but due to time constraints we wont be able to continue this conversation...anyways congts for winning CYBER HEMPER (i dont know wht tht is, will have to ask the producer of this show !!!)... so lemme take this opportunity to thank u for taking out some time frm ur BUSY SCHEDULE !!, coming here and for this gr8 conversation ... hope to see u soon !!!

So boys and girls this is ur dost and host Nimit Jain Signing off saying bye bye, tc, gn cya nxt week !!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Add on to these Ads

It was late in the night and I was watching TV. But apparently there was nothing good on it and the only notable things was the advertisements. I was watching this Ray-ban ad and it made no sense. Then I came up with this idea to see what I thought about each of the ads I saw next. Here’s a compilation:

Ray-ban – doesn’t make sense
Vim – concept is too lame; the ad depended on stardom
Nivea Men – straight to the point; good ad
Dove hair care – I dunno if he’d ever realize ¼ “moisturizing milk” is actually oily
Pantene conditioner – duh... ½ ? like 1/4th wasn’t enough
Johny Players – again based on stardom alone
Sony Ericsson – thump thump thump ;)
Nokia N95 – studd... but seriously if I am looking for a comp, wud I go for Nokia ?
HCL – good concept but poor portrayal
Microsoft – studd ad man!!
Ira – trying too hard to impress I’d say
Nakshatra – classic camera, but again... sli too much
Cornetto – cute !
Bingo – putting psuede
Big Bubble – though it makes no sense, it’s the cutest ad!!
Thumbs Up – Tsk!
Royal Stag – Tsk Tsk !!

And then I packed and tried to crash...
(if i messed up with spellings, I am sorry)

But I’d like to make mention of some of my fav ads of all times...
*I do not remember clearly but a few years ago there was some financial ad on the lines of “Meet Mr.Chintamani” which ends with the statement
“Now life is looking very sunny,
Coz there’s no chinta, only money”
(if anyone remembers the full ad, plz lemme know)
*Hutch – all those with the dog. It’s cute, to the point and just amazing. One word Studd-ax !!
*Nokia – a long time ago there was one about MMS with Stone Age people. It was cute. :)
*Pepsi – where kids play under a tree with Sachin masks and Sachin is found among them. It was kinda touching and nice to watch.
*Kinley – the one where it rains on a kid with cattle and then there’s holi and stuff. It was a classic camera.
*Dairy Milk – almost all are cool. But I love the Ms. Palampur one. It’s sweet. And I’d never forget the old ad where a piece of the chocolate falls on the road, and the guy dressed in suit n all picks it up, looks around to make sure no one’s watching, blows it and eats. :P

Yupp.. plz do tell me the ads you like.... add on...

Monday, May 21, 2007

Cybercafe with Nimit

( Inspired by the
post on Nimit’s blog ( which was in turn inspired by the popular talk show Koffee with Karan, I wanted to have one too... But we chucked Karan... here’s Nimit and I across gtalk )

Host NIMIT takes on our guest for tonight, PRANAVA in the all-new, CYBERCAFE WITH NIMIT

Here we go with lots of fire. The Rapid Fire:

name ?: Pranava
DOB ? : dob ?? dont ask a gal that
nick name ? : no nick
birth place ?? : vizag
eyes ? : brownish i guess
hair color?: both
zodiac sign? : Cancer; see i m dangerous
philosophy of life ? :philosophy ?? hmm keep smiling :)
thts cool....have u ever been in love ? : a hundred times :)
wid whom ?..name 5 persons... :) : a hundred guys :)
name 5.. which come to ur mind : aaahhh i'll pass that
A song(s) that describes yourself or that you can relate to:
everyone of them that i wrote....further details chk my blog
Optimistic or pessimistic ??: optimestic
thts good.... fav song ???: hmmm no fav's...but arere arere from dil tho pagal hain is a happy tune
hmmm.. cool...even i like tht
fav game ?? :
cricket for india n footer in gen
fav drink ? : coke
fav color ? : pink
passion ? : music
wht do u like 24?*7 work or rest ?? : work
do u believe in love at 1st sight ? : naaah
believe in GOd? : yup
Aliens ? : aliens are all around
thts good...does tht include me too ?? : oh yeah
Ghosts ? : nope
Horoscopes ? : horoscope shud suit me
Hell ? : hell is where I am (iitm)
nice one... and finally do u believe in frnds and urself ?? :myself
best frnd ?? : i don have a best frn... i trust a few ppl... i belive in myself
can u name thm ??
if u dont have any problem...
strange tht u dont have best frnd !!!: i don have a prob... they mite... coz frns come n drift away
hmm... STUDD RA MACHA !!!.U r Acting/answering very smart...
do u believe in CUT COPY PASTE theory ? :
cut copy paste n modify.. add ur touch.. ur flava
ohk... thts good..wht abt cheating in the exams ?? : I dont
fav movie ?? : saagarasangamam (gult)
fav tv show ??: F.R.I.E.N.D.S
fav actor ?: hmmm tuf one...srk...keenu reves...
ans tht if u want the hamper :P : SRK I guess
fav music director ? : rehman
director ? : mani ratnam
ladies and gentleman we will continue this chat session wid the optimistic prodigy, the enigmatic soul Bole to Pranava after a short break... (i.e. tomorrow)... .Stay Tuned

well... jus stay tuned... :P

A forever, stands for Apple

I was jobless at 2 in the night or early morning, whatever. And crazy ideas knock your head. Hear’s what I’ve come up with. The first thing that strikes me for every English alphabet:

Apple iPod, you can’t find me without it
Basketball, not that i play it
Coffee and CCD, anybody’s guess
Dolphin (excl dad), they are cute
Eagles soaring high
Hey, sup ? (the phrase)
I am
Joy and celebrations
Killer man, jus killer ! (the phrase)
Loud, as in music or full of life
Music and madness (excl mom)
Now, right now (the phrase)
Open up. No clue why I said that. Oh yes, Nescafe
Pranava, obba
Quite, silence is sometimes magical
Race, run woman run ! ( "rock" crossed my mind but ive already put music n loud music.. so i chucked it..)
Studd (the phrase again)
Time, no comments
U are
Vroom ahead
Wheels, the car, the book, I dunno
X Factor. From AXN
Y ? Ask the question why
Zoom. Meticulous

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

11 days ago

11 days ago
4th of May (Old Blogger physically dismantled - according to blogger)
It was the last day of my end sems. I finished my g slot exam decently well and rolled into my mess. I had to eat fast so i can take a small nap before I go to the lib for my QMS meeting. 1 o'clock I was in lib waiting for everyone else to turn up. The meeting went on and everything was fine. It was about 3 when Supreeta wanted to get all the files lying in her room and give it away to us. I accompanied her. Whom were we kidding? Those files were so heavy so we managed to get them till lib, dropped them outside.
I called up one of my co coords and ask them all to come down and we could distribute the files among us. I called them from my cell; my cellphone. Anyway Sup had to run to ganga and off she went, and Dasa wanted to go inside lib so went to the entrace area. I had to run up and get my purse and some other files that were left. We sat down near the entrance and sorted out all the files.
Then suddenly I realised I dint have my cell with me. We called my no. I went upstairs to search. We checked outside, the lift the entrance area, the files, the covers, my bag, everywhere. But we found it nowhere. I t was 4 o'clock. I had lost my cell. I had a journey the next day. Nokia - connecting people. Sure. I lost all contact. I didn't know what to do. I just sat down for a moment in a chair. Then i got up and got on with the work. We sorted out everything and the left out ones i took them back to my room.
I thought i'll come down and call up my dad from the STD but then i was too tired and upset. I just flopped down on my bed only to wake up at 6 30 when people searching for me. had a dinner treat. I had to get on. Yeah move on with out my cell, my best friend. Someone who promised to stand by me all along. I was supposed take care of her. And I lost her. I just lost her.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

I came I saw I saw more

Yeah... where were we before I was so rudely interrupted by my own joblessness?
So we went to watch a movie in a movie house. Now that was a big deal coz we usually don’t. So it’s the family to watch a gult movie (obba).
There was this almost a village locality around the next turn on the street. And there was also this theatre which played a good many gult movies. And there was this movie, a typical gult love story being played. So seemed like a good one. Thought we’ll go for the night show

Movie: “Aata”
Lead Roles: Siddharth and Ileana (hope I spelt that right)
7:30pm – dad and I decide to pick up tickets for the four of us.
7:42pm – dad and I at the ticket counter. The ticket counter is not open yet and the show timings turned out to be 8:00
7:50pm – dad and I return home to pick up sis and leave instructions to join sis and myself at the entrance.
7:56pm – sis and I leave for tickets
7:58pm – sis and I waiting outside the entrance with four tickets. The tickets don’t have seat numbers. We call up home and tell them if they don hurry up we won’t get good seats.
8:02pm – everyone around us has moved in. sis and I still waiting for parents. We call again.
8:06pm – they turn up and we all walk in

Finally, we are in. IN!!! And what do we have in here? PVC chairs. Yes you heard me right. PVC chairs like those that are outside the placement office where guys and gals all dressed in formals in the hot Chennai weather sit fidgeting with their resume. Ah! I am diverting again. So we found four continuous chairs and settled down. Of course the show didn’t wait for us. We missed the beginning not that we really cared. And the movie went on and on, nice story and blah. And the interval!
Lights came on. And the first thing I saw was the other class. When we bought tickets, there was selling them for two classes, chair and floor. Well, the chair was a PVC chair and the floor was indeed the floor. It was the floor that was there and it was the floor. Now, my sis and I had heard of the stories my dad told us about his childhood days. He told us about how they had to walk to the next village to watch a movie and how there were different classes like floor, bench, chair, etc. My mom had heard of the existence of the floor class but had never seen it. It was also during this interval that I realized the hall we were sitting in, is not air conditioned. It had fans on the side walls, those that function in normal theatres when the a/c has problems.
Here I was, witnessing the non-air-conditioned movie hall with a “floor class” for the first time in my life, surprising in the tech hub of the country, Bangalore.

10:30pm – we were outta the hall, going back home where mom still gotta cook us our dinner.

We successfully watched a gult movie together. A good movie I must say. Sweet and nice. Typically gult. And yupp, we also got to see a lot more than what we bargained for.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

I came I saw I gaped

So... we, my family, thought we’ll watch a movie!! In a movie theatre!!!
For those of you who don’t know me continue reading, for the rest just jump to the next paragraph (which apparently ended up as the next post!). If you’re still reading, you don’t know me or you just want to read and find out what kinda blah I put to people who don’t know me. Let me assume that you belong to the former category, so I can speak any arbit nonsense and convince you that it’s true. Here goes: I love books. I am a bookworm. I am found with my books all the time, especially my course books. I study like mad. I am always in the library, studying. I use my computer only to Google out information about my courses or check my mail that comes from the elite clubs of astrophysics and fluid dynamics. As a result, like it happens with every other nerd in this world, I do not watch movies. I neither like them nor dislike them. I just do not have the time or patience to ponder over a movie story. I would rather spend my time in the chemistry lab waiting for glass to behave like a fluid and prove that it is indeed a fluid. I have tried watching butterfly effect but I did not go beyond the point where butterfly effect was stated. I had immediately jumped to the task of looking into the depth and reality about the chaos theory. I had tried hollow man where I again went into discussions with my prof about the feasibility of invisibility and read and reread HG Well’s Invisible Man. So movies are not for me. I study my course books. I read sci-fi novels for entertainment. Oh god! I am wasting time. I should get back to my 8th revision of the quiz 2 portion of one of my 6th semester courses, that I shall be doing next march. I should work harder and better. After all the fight I am putting, I am still a 7 pointer. Why god, why! Why have you dropped me into this hell where people who don’t attend classes put 9 and I struggle to manage a 7, always striving for an 8? I really gtg... tata... Now assuming that you were initially from the latter category of people, I got a few words for you. Now you know, when we were on that getting-to-know-me stage, all the time I talked and talked and talked, all the stuff I told you about me, myself and my life, well, it was actually utter nonsense. :) tata

PS: I got carried away, talking nonsense. Ultimately the concept changed, but I still din feel like changing the title. I guess it should’ve been “I came, I talked, and I talked (and I never stopped)”. Hey, looks like a potentially title for my autobiography :)
Err... for the real “I came, I saw I gaped”, wait up... next post coming soon...

Thursday, May 03, 2007

end sems... and some vague philosophy....

end sems... never been so pained before...
quiz 1 ok types... quiz 2 maajar cup... so its not surprising that end sems wud have been any better... given the time of prep and relative grading......... yupp... its relative alright... everyone around is me soaring... 26 credits to cash on... put a 9 this sem n you'll never look back at your cg... peace in life... but then thats not my case.... my situation is like... put a 7 n then you are a cupper for life... huh... too many things... all going over my head... i jus dunno wat to do... n where the hell do i find time... well... good question... 24 hrs are gettin shorter n shorter day by day...
n then i sit and think abt my psychology... idon fail at getting coordships n fighting elections and other non acad stuff... i give it my all.. n fight... put fight... so why is that when it comes to acads i don really put my all... i don really care so much.. ?? why...??
ego... such a drive... ppl say its bad... to me its always been good... to fight n to win... extra curriculars have been a pride... its ego... n when it comes to acads... its a routine... everyone does it... everyone can do it.... so it doeant seem so important to rock it...
ego... its been driving all my life... my very presence in IIT today... ego... to have an elder sis in IIT and not being in it was like suicide for my ego...
ego... the jist of passion... ego... the language of the powerful... ego... the word of the achievers... ego... the drive...

yes ego... and i respect it... like i respect myself... ( yeah... thats ego alright...)

Disclaimer: this is complete blah... no queries will be entertained... i dont have answers myself :)