Thursday, July 31, 2008


Of all geometric shapes, a sphere is the most beautiful according to me. The perfection is brilliant.
I had wanted to read the book titled Sphere since my 8th class. I managed to do so a week ago.

Sphere - Michael Crichton

A brilliant book. Need I say more. A psycho thriller that it is, it investigates the power of the mind. And the climax of the book makes you think for a few seconds.
A splendidly written novel captured me through out the book and I just did not feel like putting it down.
It's been long since I read passion driven novels and I thought I probably grew out of it but not this one.
A brilliant read. If you haven't read it yet, I suggest you grab a copy now!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A sAturdAy

Saturday morn I had bought my mom a saree with some of my internship money.

Saturday late in the morning I went to catch up with a friend who received his degree(s) the day before. He was placed in Chennai and I wasn't gonna miss him much. A phone call he received, revealed to me that he is leaving Chennai the very next day.

Saturday late in the afternoon I caught up with a school friend who has been staying in Chennai for the past four years. He graduated and is leaving Chennai in a coupla days.

Saturday late in the night I realised, my seniors have passed out.
Saturday late in the night I realised, I m the senior now.
Saturday late in the night I realised, I m on my own.
Saturday late in the night I realised, I can be independent.
Saturday late in the night I realised, I did something today establishing my Independence
Saturday late in the night I realised, I m alone.
Saturday late in the night I realised, I m gonna feel this way all the year
Saturday late in the night I realised, I might have actually grown up
Saturday late in the night I realised, I might actually feel this way for the rest of my life

What a Saturday!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Travel Safe

Chennai to Bengaluru - second seating
Bengaluru to Visakhapatnam - sleeper class
Visakhapatnam to Tatanagar - AC II tier
Tatanagar to Visakhapatnam - AC II tier
Visakhapatnam to Bengaluru - sleeper class
Bengaluru to Chennai - sleeper class

Except for the first travel in second seating, everytime I travelled, every berth I got was in the same compartment as "emergency exit" :)
Lalu is taking care of me !

Monday, July 21, 2008

Yet ANoTher YeaR


A few phone calls all day

A few phone calls the middle of the night

A few friends around to hang out with

An entire day from morning to night

Bengalooru is the city

Birthday was the speciality

Turning 21 that I did

Did nothing to change a bit

I am 21

But still a Fairy for one

PS: Puppet remembered by birthday yippee ! But madman seemed to forget :(

PPS : yeay !! madman wished me :P

Friday, July 18, 2008

Recalling Jamshedpur

I distinctly am aware that my food reviews are bullshit. But each review behind it has a million memories and the blogposts helps me store them all away.
I remember the cute couple in CityCafe and it makes me wanna write a post on dating.

Date with a Gentle Moon Maiden
Pick her up and take her to CCD, chat up for an hour maybe. They take her to Jubilee Park and go for a boat ride. I am sure she will love it. If you still have time you can catch a laser show but I am not very for it. Now take her to dinner. Here you can go two ways: Equinox or Deepurple
Equinox: have a relaxed dinner but be sure not to order dessert. Walk her to Bistupur after dinner and buy her a balloon. Drop by at the ice cream shop near Novelty.
Deepurple: have a relaxed dinner but be sure not to order dessert. Buy her a balloon outside the hotel from that smart little kid who sells them there. Take an auto to Bistupur and drop by at the ice cream shop near Novelty.
Then walk back with the ice cream till the small shop at the corner opposite to Centre Point (by this time the ice cream would have been eaten). Get meetha pan there (only if the lady likes it). Else just walk back. You might have some time still left for the long 'goodnight' :)

Date with a Wild Loony Bird
Pick her up and take her to Chappan Bhog on the road side for sweets/chat. Then take her to Jubilee Park to the water park inside and enjoy some rides. (But be sure to find out whether she enjoys the water). Then bring her back to CityCafe for dinner and have something Italian at the corner table. Take her all the way back to Softy Corner in Bistupur for a block of icecream (trust me, it's more fun). Then you can still buy her a balloon (or two or three or four depending on the looniness) and get a meetha pan on the walk back. You prolly don't need a long 'goodnight'. It will consist of her bursting one balloon (so you better buy her two atleast).

So go ahead and have fun!

PS: the ideas have been copied, pasted and modified :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008


To all those that made my life in Jamshedpur colourful; the girls I lived with adn the guys I laughed with.

All my bags are packed

Im ready to go

Im standin here

outside your door

I hate to call you up

to say goodbye

But the time is ticking

Its late in the morn

The tempo's waitin

He's blowin his horn

Already Im so lonesome

I could die

Gift's galore:
a key chain blowing a bubble
a tiny petalled scented candle rose
little glass jewellery boxes
tiny handmade cards with rainbows
little cards to claim the friendship
keychains and chains with intial pendents

forever memories hidden in the tiny precious things

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Eat Out @ Jamshedpur 5

The last in the series (to the relief of many)

Centre Point - Spicy Kitchen

I think it is spicy kitchen, not too sure. But it is the resturant in Centre Point hotel.
Nice ambience, lots of firangees (mostly mongolian so probably from Corus). Like every other place you can drink and smoke here but we didn't see many and it didn't look like they do.
The food was enjoyable but the best part is you get tea/coffee even at 11 in the night.

and finally it is done !! I'm leaving Jamshedpur and I won't be eating here again (except in my mess tomorrow for lunch).

A special mention : Masala Cold drink... it's different you; you must try it. Unimaginable to think that he changed Thums-Up into something so unlike it :)


Nostalgia is the word, as I sit here in my office for the last time. The G Blast Furnace, Tata Steel. SO many memories. Every person from the head to the bhayya who serves us chai(which we had about 6 to 7 times a day) have become people who will be hard to forget.

The people who were here when we arrived, who finished their training before us and left, who got promoted and switched departments, who got admission into univs and left the place, who guided us, who helped, whose computers we started using like our own, who told us tales about their little ones, who treated us to parties and whom we treated back after our first pay check(oh did i not blog the day i got my first paycheck ?? :| ). There are all people who make this company and this department.

Eight weeks have passed so quickly. When I came here, I didn't like the place, the room, the office, the people, the language. And then slowly we get comfortable where we are. That is my man survived all these years, adaptability is the word. And now, we grow so comfortable that change is resisted. But things have to change.

Now as I leave this office and bid goodbye to everyone around, I need to go back and return my helmet that I have fallen in love with (it has a streak of dripping paint that solidified that it gives as artistic appearance) and my fire resistant jacket (which gave me more protection from the chilled out ac in the office rather than the plant since I've been to the plant for about five times in all) and my gate-pass after which I cannot enter these premises again. Then return to my hostel pay my mess bills, pack my bags and leave tomorrow and bid goodbye to those girls who have made these eight weeks tolerable.

is the word when you have to leave but wish to stay. Soon I'll be back to my institute and get caught up in the world there and my new semester and CAT coaching and placements and future and this will all slip outta mind. But then it will surface on a lazy Sunday afternoon when I look back at pictures and memories.

Nostalgia is the word then as clear as it is now.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Now is the time to sit back and relax

So take the photographs
and still frames in your mind.

Hang it on a shelf
In good health and good time.

Tattoos of memories
and dead skin on trial.

For what it's worth,
it was worth all the while.

It's something unpredictable
but in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life.


half an year and life moves on
memories bring helplessness
which causes desperation
which causes tears
here is a salute
jus me saying i remember


To Kill a Mocking Bird

One day a book was published and then 48 years later I blog about it.
It had such an impression on me I was shocked. I was very concerned that such books shouldn't be written and things shouldn't be written from a little girl's perpective. The bigger shock comes when I learn that the author had experienced something similar when she was ten years old.

It's a strong book. Starts off simply and slightly ont he boring edge but as the plot unfolds and the life is viewed throguha little girl's eyes, it hurts and hits hard.

It was made a movie. But I think it makes a better play (which it was also made).

Talking Machines

I've named my pens, my computer, my room and I sometimes talk to them. They often don;t talk back.
SO when a system talks back to me, I find it cute.

Hi. This is the qmail-send program at
I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.

It sounds do cute and so sorry when it says it's sorry that it dint work out :)

Eat Out @Jamshedpur 4


It's supposedly the costliest restaurant in Jamshedpur.

But we were guests being treated :)
Beautiful ambiance and nice food.
It is again a bar cum restaurant.
But again you have families and it looks too posh.
Eat out to celebrate. That is when it's perfect :)

Eat Out @ Jamshedpur 3


Well..It's Deep Purple written in a weird fashion.. and it sounds like one of my friend's names when spoken really fast really many times

To go to this place you to enter Hotel Smitha and take a left even though the board saying Deepurple is on the right. The take lift and go to the 4th floor then the lift opens behind you like in Men in Black and you enter a purple lighted world.
As the name suggests it has a purple ambiance. It is a bar cum restaurant but in Jamshedpur everything is and families eat everywhere.

Good food and I particularly liked the chicken kabab (may be I ve never bothered enough to remember when I ate elsewhere). It is on the costly side but when in Jamshedpur it was kinda decently cheap (may be compared to Chennai/Bengulooru).
A must visit if you are going to Jamshedpur

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Block O' Butterscotch

Like I mentioned earlier, the weather in Jamshedpur is weird.

A friend and I went to the market place to buy some stuff. It was a pleasant afternoon. The sky was clouded and the weather was on the verge of rainfall. After we were done with shopping we thought it would be nice to have a cup of ice cream.

We walked up to 'Softy Corner' for ice cream, read the menu for a long time and debated on what we should eat. Well whatever we take it too small so we settled for a block :) Yes, an Ice cream Block.

I say vanilla, he says chocolate, we settle for butterscotch.

It was drizzling, so we could not eat it there and we took an auto back to my hostel. The ride up to my hostel is about 5 to 7 minutes depending on the auto driver and by the time we reached it was pouring. even with an umbrella, the two of us were half wet or rather half soaked.

We arrive at my hostel, stand in the corridor under shelter and digg it.
The block of butterscotch.
Just the two of us.
Half wet and watching the rain.
It was AWESOME!!!