Sunday, January 01, 2012

2011: The Year That Was

I just read the last year's post and definitely it seems like I have done more last year even though technically I have done more this year !

Jan: I began the year with my from Joka friends at a beach resort in Bengal. And watched a bunch of stupid fun movies with friends while I directed my play.

Feb: I directed a play, and truthfully proud of it. My wing, All the Jazz bought a cricket team in ICPL, the joka version of IPL. And I completed my education.

Mar: I went for a family vacation to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Apr: India won the World Cup and I attended by Convocation receiving my MBA.

Jun: I was home reading books and watching movies. I also started  blogging about NGOs  as a part of Blog This!

Jul: I was still at home doing the same thing but I also got involved with BlogAdda, by receiving free books to review.

Aug: I moved to the UK and lived out of a suitcase from hostel to hostel. I wrote my FSA exams.

Sep: I moved into my flat and awesome fun with all my collegues from across the world during the training month.

Oct: I started my new (and my first) job on the desk. And celebrated Diwali.

Nov: Went around London at a slower pace, seeing things I hadn't seen and trying to fit in.

Dec: I stayed back to work during the holiday season and watched at the world thinned down. I got a glimpse, just a glimpse of snow. I spent Christmas alone at home. And here I am, at home, writing this post on New Years Eve and posting it in the New Year. Sad there wasn't even much to capture it! Nevertheless, bless for more.

Happy New Year everyone! And if this is the last new year we will ever see, let us party on 21st of Dec 2012.

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