Monday, July 30, 2007

There's a Song I m Listening...

no name for the game i guess.. the title is jus some vague song i like

Ah.. Another tag... This time the fairy's been tagged by Sahithi Ramam

And here goes:

1. which song is being played in ur mind rite NOW!
"Sweet Child of Mine" - GNR
no clue why... been singing it all day...

2. one song that describes ur life.... (no self made compositions please!)
Christina Aguilera - "Beautiful"
Colin Hay - "Overkill"
Matchbox20 - "Unwell"
Ateens (ABBA)- "Mamma mia"
Evanescence - "My Immortal"
JLo - "Jenny from the block"
Meredith Brooks - "Bitch"
Geri Haliwell - "It's Raining Men"
Dido - "Sand In My Shoes"
Limpbizkit - "Behind Blue Eyes" (except its hazel instead of blue)
Marlyn Manson - "Beautiful People"
Marlyn Manson - "Sweet Dreams"

Huh.. I better stop here... Anyway there are million others and if you piece all of them togther you'll get an idea about my life...

3. the song u listen to most on ur i-pod/ MP3/ cell/ PC/ etc
Millions again.. I like a song n it goes on n on for a hundered times till i can sing it well enuf not to need my iPod... n then i switch to a new song..

4. a song that describes best the foll stages in ur life:
eh ? refer to 2

5. your all time favorite song, nd the reason for it... mebbe some memory/ some funny story/etc!!!
"arere arere" from dil tho pagal hain
no clue why.. i sing it when i m happy.. i never even knew i knew the song...

6. a song u wish u hadn't heard!!! (more than one is always a pleasure!!!)
I forget what i dont like... but picking up from sahithi.. all nasal numbers of Himesh Reshammiya..

7. a song that would best describe..... me
(hey, i took pains to tag u, i guess i deserve this ;-) )
"so gaye hai...kho gaye hai..." - Zubeida
not really.. Im jus tryin to be nice to you :P

8. (i jus cudn't miss this!!!) If, u were in an elevator with Himesh Reshammiya and Altaf Raja, you would..........
(plz plz plz..... something funny!!!)

Funny!! you want funny!! I m stuck in an ELEVATOR... forget about Himesh and Altaf.. I'd scream n panic. They'll prolly think I m a maniac n wont try to even breath next to me.

Ah.. I m done...
no.. wait.. tagging...
hmmm everyone on the list...
Amrit, czar, leela
Aniket, Ashutosh, Nimit, Aditya, charizma, candyman, hseeniv

The 30th of July - 7.30 in the morn

Today is the 30th of July irrespective of what my blog says. And I'm back and I have my first class in less than an hour away. I still have enough time to blog and grab a bit before my class.
Anyway my hols (that 1 week) were decently okay. Sadly, I didn't meet my friends due to the lack of time. I spoke to few. Wish I could stay longer but then I wanted to come back hours after I landed there. My body has adjusting-to-weather problems, everywhere.

And just before I left for hols I thought I would drop in an article for the Vizag edition of EducationPlus, and The Hindu was nice enough to print it. Here's the article. But if you read my blog often enough to read this post you wouldn't find the article interesting.

I can't find a title for this post so I'm jus gonna put the date :)

Please wish me luck. I'll need loads of it this sem :(

Friday, July 20, 2007

A month and 3 weeks in IIT

Just before vacation began, all my classmates started looking for interns and projects. I tried a bit too. But I was too exhausted from the sem so I pushed to Banglore. Soon I was bored and my friends were having all the fun here so I landed here and searched for a project...

Lemme blog on the lines of vatsap on my one month and 3 weeks.

I landed here and got a project.
And after a long discussion with Amit I put up my own pic on orkut. I had the excitement of a little kid when I celebrated my blog's 1st birthday. Then I moved into my new room and pained everyone about how much I love it. I joined the CFI team and did no work for a while. I was too bored with life. And then the CFI work began and I got to attend a meeting in the Diro's Board room. Then I celebrated the 50th post on my blog on a less lighter tone. I had watched this wonderful movie and learnt to watch movies alone. I finally named my room and then went about redefining my comp. My campus looked different to me, or may be I changed within. I added a new look for my blog as well. And not to leave out my mail.

Of course this one week has been pretty eventful (or like people say, memeory is short and this one week is all I remember)
On Monday came the Singapore delegation. Tuesday, I ended my CFI wokr with a ppt to the Dean. Wednesday, I m done with bank and blah and cut a cake :). On thursday, celebrated my birthday in surprises. On Friday, I had been to the American Embassy. And here I am blogging about everything with my train 8 hrs away.

Going home finally for the first time this vacation. Homeland beckons. I cant wait to see the shore of Vizag again, and meet my school friends, esp one who got married anf I missed the wedding.
but at the same time, I dont feel like locking up my room, I jsu don't feel like leaving and I m already dreaming of the 29th, when I shall be back and so will all my batchmates.
No more blogging.. till I m back....

Oh... I m not bad either, did quite a lot...

VCon with Williams

Amrutash: bday gift for you
me: eh ?
Amrutash: go meet suneeta williams
me: the Suneeta WIlliams ??
Amrutash: !
me: what ??
Amrutash: yeah

It was a DVC with Sunita Williams who was in Houston. And interacted with major cities in India arranged for in the American Embassy.
I was excited when Amrutash first told me about it. But then, it turned out to be a bit silly for us.
Considering we were surrounded by school kids.
Considering the vcon kept cupping (connected with 256kbps)
Considering ppl asked here some vague stuff like if the universe was really full of the sounds of "Om"
Considering there was a quiz at the end of the vcon

But it was nice
Considering I got to see the American Embassy
Considering I had 3 free packed juices
Considering I checked out the funny loo in the Embassy
Considering they did ask things I dint know of like how the spine elongates in zero gravity when your body weight doesnt rest on it.

All in all, it was a nice evening, to and fro in CB's car and spent some light moments in the Embassy. I couldn't have been doing anything better anyway.

I am 20


It was yesterday, that I turned 20 and I am no longer a teen, not that it matters in anyway to me. I've already refused a million times to grow up. :)

With Dolfy(one of my closest pals in sharav) leaving on the 17th, all my friends in my batch had left. So I was expecting a lonely 18th.
I had some shifting to do and by 11.30 in the night I was so tired that I dozed away. Deep in sleep some bells were ringing, like metal hitting on metal. I woke up with a start. It was my cell phone buzzing with the vibrator n the tin can ringtone.
He was the first to call and asked me what plans. I said I'll stay awake another half hour to answer phone calls and then sleep.
Next phone call, Haripriya(from my school fictitious sorority sisterhood) and a call waiting from Amrutash(who sometimes mentors me and is responsible for the CFI label in my Gmail, 5th yr Mech-IM)and Mom.
Then, Amrutash called up and asked me to come to CCD(the coffee day inside campus and close to my hostel, closer than what my pocket likes). [Mom call waiting still].
Finally, my MOM got to call me. [:)]

So I reached CCD, Amrutash, Amit(ASES guy I mentioned here, 5th yr Mech-IM) and Karunasri(5th yr Mech-IM) were present with what not but a CAKE! I was stunned. It was a cake. These were all close friends but all were seniors. And I was under the impression that only your batch mates would get you cake.
I remember my 9th birthday which had a cake, my 10th didn't and I never again had a party till my 18th. My 18th didn't have a cake either and my 19th I spent on my bed down with chikun gunya. So here's a cake, after 10 long years!!!
And Mayank soon joined us. Like I mentioned previously, I share my birthday with his.

My day was filled with phone calls wishing me and work, leaving on the 21st, so I have some unfinished business to take care of, especially my project work. I thought I could meet my prof and finish to a level. But I dozed off with my book.
I had a date with the Gods and went to the temple. And now it was dinner time. We all, from last night at CCD, pushed to a multi-cuisine restaurant near the beach called Giorgio (or something like that).
We were joined by a pass out this year, Suri, who should bring with him, what else but a CAKE! OK, now it was unbelievable. This was even personalised with our names on it!
Two cakes in one day after 10 damned years! Man, am I lucky!
After some decently good food and laughter over white sauce(as Amit calls it), we went to the beach to wade in the waters for a while, then picked up juices at Fruit Shop and back to insti.

I am 20
Finally, I am. So did I grow up? Well, my birthday was celebrated with five 22 yr olds. There are two ways to take it; either that I m grown up enough to be 22, or that I am a kid with all of them around.

Hmmm... Naaah.. I won't grow up... I WONT I WONT I WONT

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Well, BINGO stands for Business Incubation of Global Organisation. from the National University of Singapore.
They have these international trips and they had come to IIT Madras on the 16th of July to interact with the C-Tides and ASES-India, e-cell of IIT-M.

And so they came. In brief:
We socialised and got to know each other's names over lunch. Then we moved on to a conference hall where we had an interactive talk by Asst Prof Ashwin Mahalingam. The NUS delegation went on to give presentation abt BINGO, NUS and Singapore in general, followed by Amit's presentation from our side. A little tea break and then we went around the campus for a tour.

Social and friendly, they got me talking and we got along well. And before I knew it, it was time to leave. Too short a while to make life long friendship. But the visit was long enough to learn a little more about the world, experience a little more life.

People I met:
A variety and unity. There were different people from different backgrounds. With all their profiles up on their blog, I'm waiting to read about their take on India. To mention a few:
*A Singaporean with Chinese origins, Yeow Hwee (who had this huge camera, must be a real good photographer);
*An Indonesian with Chinese origins, Isenlim (who also blogs, and is going to Leeds for some project on green construction, I think, Isenlim correct me if I'm wrong);
*A German, Juri Michael (who finished his program in NUS but still joined to visit India);
*A complete Singaporean, Kai Juan (who wanted to know if i wud come to NUS, and wanted my interview and I feel bad about not giving it, Kai, I'm sorry, but time passes away quickly with you [:)] ).
And no dearth of Indians here either.
There were Singaporeans with Indian Origins like
*Ganga (who wanted to take artistic shots, and settled with getting them from Yeow Hwee [:)] )
*and Chitra (who totally sympathised with me about the life of an IITian girl [:P] ).
There were Indians who went to Singapore for their graduation like
*Anoj (who is scared to death by a girl's proximity just as his profile describes him, no offense [:)] ),
*Dipti (from Mumbai whom I kept confusing with Ganga, I'm so sorry I met too many people for one day)
*and Saurav (from Delhi to whom I introduced myself twice and to my embarrassment been remind by him the second time [:|] ).
There were students from all fields and people who just passed out and started their own companies. And many more.

A couple of things they learnt:
The ratio of girls to boys in IIT.
The conservative society of India.
And a lot about entrepreneurship which prof talked about.
Aaand that Amit bluffs, and he bluffs well.

A couple of things I learnt:
They have 50% girls in many of their courses.
Guys and girls stay on alternative levels in the same hostel.
And that everyone spoke a lot about entrepreneurship which I could have learnt.
Aaand that Amit is silly enough to bluff his guests.

The statement worth blogging I heard in all day :
"IITian girls are more friendly than the IITian guys" - coming from the girls

As they left:
I received an NUS collar pin from Teh Tian Yan as an advanced (or belated as Isenlim says) birthday gift, and a birthday song from them all.
Then all asked Anoj to give his to Bala (from the ASES team) but like I mentioned earlier he broke into a sweat; Ganga to the rescue and Bala had her collar pin on :) .

Well, I'll keep checking their gallery and my Inbox for the pics from their tour (esp Yeow Hwee's). And feed the updates.

Btw, Mayank (from the ASES team) shares his birthday with mine. But then, I m a girl :), and more importantly, I m a KID!

PS: If anyone from the NUS BINGO team is reading, I only mentioned those names whose visiting cards I had. I didn't want to take the risk of misspelling your names.

Out of the Inbox

It's been months now since i cleaned up my desktop and rid it of all its icons. So I thought it's time to clean up my Inbox, rather I had nothing better to do. I would also have something to blog about :)

I started. Even though I had many filters and labels, I had a thousand odd mails in my Inbox. And I began, creating labels, tagging mails, archiving them. A short process. And shorter than I thought. Within 2 hours I achieved this:

Labels figures

Labels earlier today : 10
Labels deleted today : 02
Labels created today : 09
Labels (all) : 17

So into the Labels and out of the Inbox

Yeay! clap clap clap!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

"I am 19"

Yeah, I'm still 19. I will be 20 in a few days.
I found this file on my comp today named "I am 19". I opened it to read and realised it was a blog post that I apparently wanted to publish. I couldn't recollect if I did post it. I searched my blog to find out it went unread.
I thought it should be read, especially since I was talking about growing up and I sounded like a kid. Come to think of it, prolly on the 2nd bde of my blog I might just think it's too silly and kill it !!!
No I wont... I wont I wont I wont.. ( effect = tantrum )

So here's the blog post that never was:

Last modified on: Tuesday, August 15, 2006, 2:30:41 PM

I am 19….

Hmmm… I jus made a statement today… that I am grown up… “I am 19… almost done with my teenage…”

It made me wonder.. did I really grow up…?? I am still a kid… I dunno how to take care of myself… I dunno wat to eat n wat not… wen to sleep… wen to wake up… I dunno so much… n I call myself grown up…?? Nope… definitely not….

But then… may be I am grown up… a vision of myself wen I entered IIT passes thru my mind… the na├»ve little girl I was… yeah… a lot of things changed for me as I turned 18… and I learnt so much now that I am 19… I remember me having a b’day blast last year wen I turned 18… never had a party for 10 yrs… it was celebration of a lifetime… all those who mattered to me were there… and then I left for the prestigious IIT…
Well… I grew up… atleast considering the little girl who stepped into this campus a year ago… IIT has taught me so much… it may sound funny… but it taught me to take care of myself and little things like this… things I depended on my mom for… mundane things… things I took for granted… I aint talking abt those decisions and managing things n all… that n all my school’s taught me enough… but things so small which I took too much for granted have crushed down upon me here….

Yeah… one year in IIT has changed… for the better or the worse… I think I grew up… atleast to make a statement…. :)

NOTE : I haven't changed a single word now.

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Butterfly effect stays ON....

I woke this morning at a fairly reasonable time and ran a bath and off to breakfast. It had rained last night and the grass was damp. The sun was streaming in through the clouded sky little by little. I was alone and I hate being alone. So I hurried to eat and when I was on my way back I looked out at the garden from the entrance of mess and I remembered a few words.
"IITM sure sounds so very photogenic the way you describe it" - Aditya (from the comments section of when I last described my campus.)

And I thought to myself. I looked around and started walking along the path with the garden on my either side. Drangonflies kept whizzing some 3 feet over my head. Butterflies flew all around me. And all kinds of butterflies. Colours were splashed all around. The grass was a bright green washed by the night's rain. Drops of water reflecting the sunshine off.
Yes! My campus is beautiful. Abundant with life and grace.
But I have to run along, project to work, mails to be replied to, and lots of reading work. Like a friend rightly reminded me yesterday...
"What is this life full of care
We have no time to stand and stare"

Take some time. Stand and stare. Look around. There are butterflies flickering next to you. Blackbucks grazing lazily. The fawns jumping over one another.
Yes ofcourse, there are frogs and snakes and centipedes and scorpions and those yucky worms I can't name and oh how could I forget monkeys.

But it's a package deal I guess!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Visual DNA !!!

This is somthting i found recently... your VisualDNA

The widget is really cool... but somehow like so many other things, it fails for me on my blog... I'm trying.. Lets see if it works out soon...

Here is my page

update : IT'S WORKING !!! right on top :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Butterfly Effect

When I came to my senses this morning, I was flat on my bed, face down. For a second I didn't know where I was or what I was doing. My comp was on and playing music. I remember some vague pictures of "Hustle". I got up, shook my head and checked the time. It was 6 30 in the morn. I had crashed last night at 8 30. With my lenses on I had just flopped on my bed.
I had work piled up, that which I wanted to finish at 11 in the night and I had crashed right through, for 10 damn hours ! So I rushed had a bath and was out for breakfast.

The second my foot fell next to the grass outside my hostel, the sprinklers came to life. A spray of water hit my foot and I turned to watch a beautiful image. A dozen sprinklers all over the grass on either side of my path. And the rainbows danced above the on the tips of the sprays with my step. A million dragon flies buzzed over my head.

I danced away in and out and back and forth through the day and at about 1 30 in the afternoon I was outside lib discussing some vague topic with a friend I ran into.
And through out my talk I subconsciously kept looking at the leaves stuck to the ground near a patch of flowers in the middle of the library garden. There were a few butterflies here and there. I kept talking and I kept staring.
Suddenly a butterfly whizzed past my eyes and flickered over my head and flew away. My eyes followed it. It flew high and low and roamed about. Finally it reached this little patch, settled down on the ground and turned into leaf ! Wow ! It suddenly clicked me (and I was no longer listening to my friend) and ran, off towards the patch (to my friend's surprise). My running disturbed the 'leaves' and they all turned into butterflies. For a few seconds I was surrounded by tens of butterflies.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Mission : Makeover

That was the title of a stupid romance novel (I think n MnB) I read many years ago... anyway the funda is change.. a new start... well.. as usual even my comp have a new face...

Cheers to my new skin...!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Della Princess

(view from my window)

Finally... I decided to name my cottage...

Princess's Cottage / Cottage of Princess
(Italian) >> cottage della principessa
(can do without the word 'cottage') >> della principessa
(publicising 'life is beautiful' ??) >> della princess

So... "Della Princess"
Should just make that Princess Drilla ?? (few ppl kno wat i m talkin abt)

Hmmm... I'm just gonna stick Della Princess outside my door.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Goodbye Cruel World...

[Goodbye Cruel World]
Goodbye, cruel world
I'm leaving you today
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

Goodbye, all you people
There's nothing you can say
To make me change my mind
- a excerpt from Korn's version of "Another Brick In The Wall"

It's over now, I'm cold, alone
I'm just a person on my own
Nothing means a thing to me
Oh, nothing means a thing to me

It's not a habit, it's cool
I feel alive
If you don't have it your on
the other side
I'm not an addict (maybe that's a lie)
- a excerpt from K's Choice "Not an Addict"

All day staring at the ceiling
Making friends with shadows on my wall
All night hearing voices telling me
That I should get some sleep
Because tomorrow might be good for something
- a excerpt from Matchbox20 "Unwell"

These songs and many more... They may have weird lyrics... But somehow connect...
These songs and many more... Take you to a different level and leave you floating there... (prolly that's what is the meaning of the phrase 'on a high'.. but again I dunno.. I've never been high)...
These songs and many more... Are just perfect and seem written for you on a cold lonely night...
These songs and many more... Seem like the only consolation for a lonely soul when the whole world turns its back on you...
These songs and many more... Also are just songs that you need running in your head continuously for you to exist...
These songs and many more... Are songs with music lyrics and passion.. just like other songs... just songs...
These songs and many more... and many many more...

Monday, July 02, 2007


Out of the few movies I usually see, I watched this really beautiful movie.

Its fascinating. The story. The screenplay. The direction. The movie as a whole.
Its gripping, right from the start. Realistic and every scene in the movie is so apt.

There are a few mistakes in the IMDB site...
But basically the movie is about a little girl Churyia (played by Sarala) who becomes a widow without even understanding she is married and is sent to an ashram for widows in Benaras.

Deepta Mehta's direction coupled with Rehman's music makes the movie worth watching...