Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So finally my Exam

Yeah, I went in on time.
But I didn't have a watch and no track of time. The paper looked lengthy. So I got psyched and started scribbling, took additionals 3 times and then when I realized I finished the paper I had nothing left to do so I left. I was the first one to leave and I was out within 2 hrs when it was a 3hr paper!!!

I hope I didn't go overboard and really screw it up :P

Flared Fairy

for the record

Breakfast Before My Last Exam

The saga continues. Basically because I m bored and cannot get myself inspired enough to mug continuously.

What happens when you have dinner as fast as you can so that you can crash in on your bed and slip into slumber and actually do that and wake up in the morning hungry?
The problem was that I woke up at 5 and realized I was hungry. And as usual I have nothing eatable in my room accept for a bottle of mayonnaise. So I waited till 7 in the morn before my mess opens for lunch. But if I eat at 7 with my appetite I'll get hungry again at 10 or 11 and that's in the mid of my exam that is from 9 to 12. So I had to stuff myself in.

After a very heavy breakfast and the sunny side up on the sky with picturesque lawns between mess and hostel, it was automatic to pick up Economic Times sit and the entrance and read. (Unlike everyone else, I didn't take notes with me to mess and I stopped getting ET for a loooong while now).

Feels good. Now I need to go through two more assignments and some theory before I grab a bath and run to the exam.

Come to think of it, whether I have breakfast on a daily basis or not, I don't think I ever skipped breakfast before an exam. :)

My Last Exam

Today is my last exam. Only in IIT Madras though!
My next is already scheduled to be on June 30th (probably). Something called qualifying mathematics. Yeah, IIM Calcutta asked me to come prepared for it and sent me a syllabus sheet as well!

Coming back tot he point. Yes, today is my last exam here. And I never knew that I can sleep before 10 and wake up by 5 and study for an exam. But that's exactly what I am doing for my last exam! It sounds surprising to me.
(But of course I shall skip the part that the reason I was able to sleep by 10 into dreamless sound sleep [why do we say sound sleep? Aren't we like soundless when we sleep??] was that preceding that I had been awake for 34hours)

So yeay!
Anyway wish me luck.. I'll need all I can get
Aaand I don't really feel so nostalgic about the whole thing :|

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I love this pic.. the camera is so beautifully captured. Imagine this , a camera having a bad picture of itself... publicity huh? :P I got the camera a long time ago.

I dunno what any of the below means and I obviously flicked it off some site but hear goes anyway:

Basic Features

  • 7.1 megapixel sensor
  • 4x optical zoom lens ranging from 35-140mm (35mm equivalent)
  • 4x digital zoom
  • Macro focusing as close as 2.0 inches (with lens set to wide angle)
  • Maximum aperture f2.6 (W) to f5.5 (T), minimum f8.0
  • 15 to 1/2000 second shutter speed
  • Evaluative, center-weighted, spot metering
  • White balance settings of Auto, Preset (Daylight, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Fluorescent H, Underwater), and Custom
  • Flash settings of Auto, Auto with Red-eye Reduction, Flash On, Flash On with Red-eye Reduction, and Off
  • Scene modes include Portrait, Landscape, Special Scene (Night Scene, Foliage, Snow, Beach, Fireworks, Aquarium, Underwater), Indoor, Kids & Pets, Night Snapshot, Stitch Assist, and Movie
  • Full Manual mode, Programmed Auto, Aperture and Shutter Priority modes
  • 2.5 inch LCD with 115K pixels
  • Optical viewfinder
  • Two AA batteries for power
  • Special Features

    Special Features

  • Optical image stabilization
  • DIGIC III image processor
  • Face detection technology
  • ISO as high as 1600
  • Aquarium Scene mode
  • Movie modes include 60 fps fast frame rate at QVGA (320x240) resolution
  • Continuous shooting at 1.3 fps
  • SDHC memory card support

Reaching New Heights


Break Free

Paths Taken

Some paths taken lead to beautiful memories

Sharav : to my room

Heat Transfer and Thermal Power Lab : From my BTP lab

The road less traveled :

The Gymkhana road: To SAC

From Sharav : To SAC

From NCC: To guru

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Morning!

What can be more irritating than to run to the bog and realise there is no water at 6.30 in the morn !!!

Pain aside...
I had an interestingly fun conversation at 5 in the morning when I caught up with an old friend for chai. We discussed weird theories on the sun rising and setting and the earth and all that. We discussed stories and music and interviews and poetry. We discussed people and places and people skills. We discussed hostel nights and videos and the insti. We discussed our plans to write and compose and record songs. And we discussed.

Feels good to catch up with old friends and share memories before you grow out of it.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009

Indian Summer Fad

The million leads taken up by a million Indians actually paid off to assist people to vote and not only vote but also make it fashionable enough and proud enough for people to respond and say they voted. At least that's what I got out of the Editorial from yesterday's.

The Indian fashions have no limits. :)

American Dream

I was reading (and have been for quite a long time say two months) Carl Sagan's Contact.
The president of USA is a woman !
I then remembered reading a long long time ago, Jeffrey Archer's Shall We Tell the President? and there too the president of USA is a woman !

What is it with these Americans... They dream in their fiction !

Awash the World

Sprinklers outside my mess... The first time I captured on camera...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Little Girls Love Their Daddies

Even after they've grown up...

Today is my dad's birthday...
Only 9 out of 190 and what are the chances....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Following News !!!

It's been long since I read ET.
Essentially because I took a break from trying to cram eveyrhting I read in ET into my head and also because my IIM interview was done with but mostly because my paperwala stopped giving me paper and I got too pained to pain him and get more pained.

So I could still have read it on the internet. I just never really got around. Yesterday I read the Saturday edition. Felt good.
Today I read on the net.
And there is so much in it.
Indra Nooyi, Indian American CEO of Pepsico is listed fourth among "15 women (who)show what it takes to lead" some of the America's biggest companies according to Fortune 500 women CEO listing.
Renuka Ramnath, MD and CEO of ICICI Venture, met her colleagues and informed them of her decision to quit the company.

Axis Bank board appointed Shikha Sharma (MD of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance) as the private bank’s new managing director (MD) and CEO - a decision that drove the present chairman and CEO P J Nayak to resign three months prior to the end of his term.
Arun Tadanki young president (Asia Pacific) of will take the reins of Yahoo! India in May. He's an alumnus of IIT Madras and IIM Ahmedabad.
Global banking colossus HSBC has expanded the top management deck of its India operations and elevated Naina Lal Kidwai to the position of group general manager and country head.
the list goes on...

And you know what is the best part?
I used to complain a lot that I have been reading ET for quite a while and haven't felt comfortable and that I am unable to follow it.
But today it felt good to be back, like as though I came home after a long journey. :)
Yes, I can now say, I follow ET.

Credit Cards

I never understood the concept of credit cards.
Never understood how somebody can give one stuff on credit and take money that you don't have.
Never understood how people bought and used things they don't still own and can never return.

Today ET made sense to me :

The slowdown has brought home values most of us learnt at our mother’s knee, of living within one’s means, of keeping aside something for a rainy day, etc., — all alien to US consumers, perhaps, but part of our DNA before we began to ape the west. With sense restored, more people will now begin to see credit cards for what they are — a huge convenience, not an escape from reality.

Monday, April 20, 2009


According to wiki:
The word addiction is also sometimes used colloquially to refer to something for which a person has a passion, such as books, chocolate, work, the web, running, postage stamp collecting, or eating.
Does it mean that if someone does not have an addiction one has no passion ??
Not true...
But I still feel bad sometimes that I cannot get addicted to anything. I thought I was addicted to coffee; seems to me like I can't remember the last time I had coffee. I thought I was addicted to Samantha Who? ; is that sitcom even aired anymore I have no clue!

It's always this way with me. I have an obsession for origami cranes and I still make them. But I mnot addicted!!!

May be I am addicted to being not addicted. may be I don't like being addicted so much that no matter what I do I shall destroy what I love so that there is no force in this world that can control me.

Yeay !

Saturday, April 18, 2009

So we were bid Adieu

Adieu is the farewell thrown by the IIT Madras Alumni Association every year.
Basically some events like panel discussion, a workshop, a dinner with culturals and the highlight, the Adieu video.

The adieu video is a video that helps us keep memories intact. This years video was awesome and made me wanna cry. Just awesome. Plain simplicity.

So we were bid Adieu...

Insti Day

Yesterday night was the 50th Institute Day!
The incoming secys are welcomed and the outgoing secys are honored.
The outgoing students are treated to a dinner, fondly called the Dean's Dinner.
Slightly formal so the girls usually come in sarees and so we did.

So.... My insti officially bid me farewell last night !

Friday, April 17, 2009

Thesis Time

Projects are coming to completion and everyone is busy writing thesis and simply can't help but praise the PhD comics. Perfect !

Here are the latest PhD comics (all about Cecilia's thesis) :
The one where she begins to write thesis
The one where it takes just one key
The one where she copy pastes
The one where it's complex

Not so Nostalgic!

It was 6.30 and my stomach was growling but the sleep was overlapping on to me like blanket and I tugged my blanket closer and cosier fell back asleep.
I have a class to attend at 8 in the morning and yet as always the sleep overlaps. I cannot remember how many Friday 8 o'clock classes I've missed this sem. Surely none in the last one month because I'm terribly short of attendance.
Still I got out of bed today, partly because I can't afford to lose attendance, partly because my growling stomach was on the verge of a throw-up-empty-if-I-don't-get-food mood but mostly because today is the last class of this course and incidentally the last class in IIT Madras for me.

I barely recollect running to the mess, barely recollect going to the class neither do I recollect actually sitting in the class. It all just happened. Funnily, there was nothing nostalgic about it either since I don't recollect. :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blogger's Nostalgia

I started blogging on 3rd April, 2006. That is soon after I bought a computer in my first year. I started it to capture all my poetry and preserve it on the vast world of the wide web.

I started this one, on 25th June 2006. It was the summer after my first year when a couple of my articles got published in the local edition of The Hindu and I thought I could probably keep a collect of them on the net.

I never thought about blogging. I just happened to have a trippy story that I repeated to everyone I knew and thought I could write about it.

There were times when I wrote a lot and times when I forgot I even had a blog. But the life a blog lies in the continual blogging. More or less about when my blog was turning 1 that I really got into blogging and probably never stopped :)

Most of my blog is about the blah ideas that I have and of course the IITian life. And it was a nostalgic feeling when today I opened my dashboard to see the lastest post was about my hostel night or my farewell from Sharavathi Hostel, IIT Madras. Incidentally, it's my 300th post. :)

On an average I blogged a 100 posts per IITian year considering I started the blog after my first year :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Night @ Chinatown

10th April 2009,

I didn't sleep all night and about 8 in the morning my father called to tell me that I got an admit into IIM Calcutta! I was excited, jumped up and down, called up my sister and let her and mom know. And then in a while I felt heavily sleepy and slept off. It was peaceful and comfortable to just lay sleeping. I slept like a rock, like I haven't slept in ages.

But I had to wake up. It was our hostel night. We had infinite editing to do for our hostel night wing video.
So we did. We did it till almost 7.30. Then we all dressed up sarees. How much shopping we did for this night! It was all worth it finally!

Moved on to the OAT for dinner which I barely recollect, because I just wanted to head back to the hostel. The hostel was dressed in read, the Chinatown theme.

We read RGs, went upstairs and changed into the white tee and with a marker int he pocket we went downstairs. Danced to the DJ's tunes like we were all gone mad and kept filling each others tees with all kinds of one liners ! And then we took a break.

We all sta together cuddled up like a sea of white tee shirts with writings all over and watched videos. It was amazing. just amazing. Fell asleep at 4 I think.

The next morning when I woke up int he afternoon and opened my door, I found all of us just waking up then and all of us in our well scribbled white tees.

That was my hostel nite! The most memorable night in my IITian life!

Hostel nights !!

Every year, each hostel has a hostel day/night. It is the time of the year again. When hostels dress in theme to welcome all the guests and the passing out students are given a fitting farewell.

The farewell has a few traditions attached with it
1. RG : It's the short of 'royal gang-rape'. Basically, all your friends, your gang rapes you royally in words and print it out on an A3 sheet and past it up for everyone to read and lol. It also has a 'mugshot' taken to fit the theme and is put up in what's called the Rogue's Gallery or RG again.
2. Videos : Wing wise friends together make a video that shows the trippy parts of one's IITian life and put up for all viewing.
3. Tees : A recently started tradition. Passing out people are given a white tee shirt and a marker. Their buddies can scribble on the tees their heart out.
4. Sarees : This is an unwritten tradition which was not quite followed this year that the final year girls wears sarees on the girl's hostel night.
5. Food : Almost forgot, we have dinner :P and for the girl's hostel it is the Open Air Theatre cos there are always too many people.

It's a huge event and everyone in the hostel has to participate and help out.

My first year : I did a little bit of work for the hostel. I ran around generally doing bits and pieces. I invited a gumble of guys and I was running around everywhere. I was playing host probably for the first time. But it was special hostel night. My sister was passing out and she has videos and RG and all that and she was dressed in a saree.
My second year : I worked quite a bit, the incoming lit sec that I was. Put night outs and all that. By this time I realised hostel nights are only for final yearites and even first yearites cos its all fun and all that.
My third year : I worked my ass off. It wasn't just the night outs, it was the lack of food and more than the work it was the responsibility and the tensions. I was exhausted by the time hostel night began. I was on stage giving the lit soc report and that was all. I had dinner ate infinite ice cream, tried to stay for the toasts but puked, got fever and crashed.
My final year : I thought the night was for us so we wont have any work. I ended up sitting outside one of our wings rooms along with my roomie editing our wing videos in the last minute and everyone was coming back from a bath getting ready and all and I had a guest already in my room ! But then after that, the night began. That's another post !

Friday, April 10, 2009

My IIMC GD/PI experience

Panel: A lady (L), A man (M) [who I think are profs] and a much younger man (A) [who I think is an alumnus]

GD topic: Only the poor are responsible for their poverty

We were given two minutes to think.
The discussion went on for 10-12 minutes. It turned out to be a fish market. Since it was a very open topic there was enough to speak for everyone. In a way it was good; we did not have a distinct leader and everyone almost everyone had a chance to speak.
After that each of us was given a minute to speak either to summarize or add any new points we could not discuss, but the order was randomly chosen. I was the first one to be asked to speak. I very briefly gave a summary of the discussion and added one new point.

Personal Interview

Mine went on I guess for 25mins.

M: you academics are not very good
Me: I smiled and nodded
M: so you agree?
Me: they are ok, they are not bad, they are good. but not very good
L: what is your jee rank
Me: 768
L: don't you think compared to 768, 7.7 is low??
Me: I talked about relative grading n that its within mech and that my rank is avg for mech and my cg also around the same.
M: so you havent improved!
Me: my rank is avg, my cg is a little above avg (small smile)
M: Ive forgotten all the tech stuff, been very long, tell me about Tata Nano
Me: told some basic stuff
M: its all newspaper stuff tell me about the patents.
Me: I know they have 34 patents but that's all i know.
M: as a mechanical engineering that too from IIT Madras I'll expect you to be interested.
Me (smiled)
L: Don't you think that you should get your hands dirty and get some work ex before you do your MBA?
Me: spoke something abt continuing ed and other blah said its ok shudn't make much diff n all that
M asked some more about it
M: before I pass it on, don't mind me askin this question but do you try hard and maintain your slim figure.
Me: (very astonished) err.. no.. I.. hmm... I m just like this... (embarrassed smile)
A: Om Puri? You know Om Puri? When he first went..... they said he was slim... (all that om puri said in film fare awards when he got life time achievemnt award... incidentally i waatched it the prev night so i nodded my head)
But to ad to her point.. talked more about work ex n stuff
L: Tell me more about what you wrote her that you want to be a role model for women. What do you think stands in the way for women to go higher
Me: spoke a lot.. talked abt ego issues n sexual harassement, quoted incidents... discussed with A as well.
L: what do u mean by being a role model?
Me: talked about Indra Nooyi and Naina Kidwai. spoke abt encouragement etc
M: you prepapred this answer n came ?
Me: not exactly... spoke about why i added this in my career goals.. talked abt my response being published in ET
(this issue I spoke for 5 mins on it)
M: tell me some hobbies
Me: i write.. articles, short stories, poetry...
M: tell us a short story
Me: told him a story about a blind girl
A: how to blind ppl perceive dreams
Me: talked about temperautre and feelings and that their dreams have a flowing colurs rather than clear shapes like us
A: aren't dreams black and white?
Me: thought for a sec and said we do have dreams with colours n allt hat and finally cmae upon on where i had some distinct green n thta i even converted it into a short story
M to A: dreams are not black and white
A to M: i know i was just arguing
M: what other interviews?
Me: none other this is my only option
A: otherwise?
Me: my alternate path sir, work for 3 yrs
M: u can write next yr also.
Me: if work ex is the only issue then there is no point trying next yr
A: which of these two paths would u want (i had mentioned two paths in my appln)
Me: this one obviously, thats why it is termed as the path and the other is ans alternate path.
M to A n L: are ther any other questions? i m done.
Me: smiled, checked certis and left

Not exactly good.
Not exactly bad either.

Update: I am elated to say that I made it into IIMC :)

Another update: The lady was an alumnus. The elderly man and a younger man are both professors at IIM Calcutta (I ran into them in classes and on campus. But many professors are also alumni from IIMC so the younger man could be an alumnus as well)

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Not so Posh Pups

But pups nevertheless.

Any baby animal looks cute.
I think it's because it is curious yet cautious. It's analyzing everything around it and it's so full of life and enthusiasm.

I was sitting with tea staring into space with so many thoughts in my head when a bitch caught my eye.
It looked different, kinda heavy. I thought it must be pregnant. But it wasn't fat and then I realized it's lactating. Just as the thought sunk in a cute pup ran towards it. It was so full of life that it's tail just doesn't stop wagging.

It runs around the mother and tries to tug for milk but before it settles down it sees something and curiosity gets to it. The mother was also going here and there trying to get some food. So the pup is generally running all over.

At one point the mother climbed some stairs. Now the each stair is as high as the pup itself, that too when biped.
It tried with all its might but the poor thing couldn't do it. So the mom came down. Once it tried to climb a stair n fell down. but it still wags its tail.

In fact it couldn't walk with full control. The hind legs keep tripping over each other. I think it just started walking yesterday or something.

A cute little thing!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Wall

The following are pics of The Wall, Della Princess (339, Sharav).

On entering, right wall:Posters of Shaastra 2006, Shaastra 2007, genesis, Kurt Cobain from JAM, 7th sem timetable, come quant formulae.

A lamp shade stolen from hostel night 2008 (which is actually stolen from Saarang 2008), Kurt Cobain(Nirvana) poster from Dollars and Pounds

The entire wall. Added are the Lamborghini poster from JAM (I'm not into cars, I just like red), a white chart with post-its with divisions (you can faintly see some color shades blue, green n red)

Left wall next to the comp and my wooden book shelf:

I can but I wont stayed on from my previous tenant. I thought babies looked cute.

Batman (a vinyl cutout stuck on a cardboard and mounted on a wooden piece with some jute thread) stolen from Fete 2008 Sharav stall which had Gotham City as the theme.

Deconstructing Humor

Incredibility humorous take on the life of a sad pathetic self loathing Jew is the main story if Deconstructing Harry.
The movie floats between reality and fantasy.

It's about a writer who characterizes his characters in the book basing them on his real life acquaintances. Each character throws light more on the bad than the good for the author is a pessimist. Now all these real people hate him for what he did. Hence he is a loner.
The movie plot is about this guy trying to attend his honoring ceremony the next day in a college which threw him out years ago.
Now the thing is, he has nobody to take along with him, he being such a loner. And he keeps trying to invite everyone he can, including the hooker he has over the night before the ceremony.

The movie has these small open ended stories of his cropping up in between, each based on someone he knew and it blends on the line of fantasy.

All I have to say is it's interestingly hilarious as he makes fun of his own misery.
Harry: All people know the same truth. Our lives consist of how we chose to distort it.
Harry to his kid son: The two most important things are the work that you choose and sex.
Harry: Does the president think of fucking every woman he meets? Oh sorry, bad example.
Harry's sister: You have no values. With you its all nihilism, cynicism, sarcasm, and orgasm. Harry: Hey, in France I could run for office with that slogan, and win!
Awesome watch for laughs!

Friday, April 03, 2009

The colours

I recently watched a movie recently: Gulaal

It comes off as an extremely strong film. The music just captivates you and gives you goose pimples all over.
In fact I felt the song "Aarambh" more violent than its portrayal.
When the movie ended, i was just dumbstruck for a couple of minutes.

The idea of hero or good winning over evil or who fights wins and all that is just chucked off.
krishna ki pukaar hai ye bhagwat ka saar hai
ki yudh hi to veer ka pramaan hai
kaurvon ki bheed ho ya paandavon ka need ho
jo lad saka hai wohi to mahaan hai
They stick to it.
It's pure politics.
It's pure Mahabharat.
And you don't understand who is the good guy or who is the bad.
Because everyone is just selfish.
And the best brain wins.

The character Piyush Mishra plays is intolerably good. And his painted friend is spooky.