Tuesday, January 04, 2011

2010: The Year That Was

This year has been very eventful for me.

January: Had a boring new year's party and felt bad about not being able to vote.

February: Err. I acted in a play and walked down the ramp at the culfest.

March: I read a lot of books. I almost read like a book a day during my wait for my UK visa.

April: I went to Mumbai, stayed in Colaba and worked in Nariman for about 25 days which is almost like a dream come true ! (I promised a post and never wrote it)

May: I went to the City of London, stayed at Tower Hill and worked on Liverpool Street which was way beyond my dreams ! This was also my first trip abroad.

June: I went to Scotland. I got a job ! Followed FIFA from start to end for the first time (London inspired me).

July: Nothing happened, including my birthday. I got my US visa.

August: I went to Boston, MA to stay for the next 3 months. I enrolled in an all girls college which I have never done ! I heard I failed a course back at IIMCal.

September: I went to my sister's house in Seattle, WA and visited Kurt Cobain's hometown. I took a retest for my failed course half way around the world.

Between Sept/ Oct: I went to Niagara Falls, NY.

October: I went to Pittsburgh,PA to visit my friend in CMU. I passed the course. I donated my hair to little children who can't have hair. I came up with a business idea and pitched for it in a contest.

November: I went to New York, NY. I went to New Jersey. I taught children whatever I could at MIT, including making complete foreigners sing in Telugu.

December: I taught my friends 'Bollywood Dancing'. I got the most wonderful farewell. I realized I made some friends for a lifetime. I wrote my 500th blogpost. I attended my best friend's wedding. I took my first trip out of the city with my friends ever, including undergrad.

I was trying to see if I could cut out anything. Seems like I can't.

Very eventful indeed.

But 2001 2011, is full of promises too...
I love my life !!!


  1. Truly an eventful year.. 2011 will be even more interesting. All the best for this new year, hugs all the way from Nicaragua :)

  2. @Ivonne: Start a blog ! NOW !!!

  3. Anonymous4:24 pm

    truly inspiring