Monday, June 30, 2008


About Me:
then: hmmm... i am dreamer... a romantic.... who lives in this world...working day in and day out... tirelessly...and down to earth... with all my poetry and my thoughts kept to myself... and wishes to live in another...
so here is my blogsite... where i can escape to different world...

now: change is inevitable


writing poetry... listening to music... and yeah... sometimes singing my own songs...

music is my passion and my drug !
Acting is my soberness !

Favourite Movies:
scifi... cube.. hypercube... matrix...etc
romantic ... sweethome alabama... a walk to remember... serendipity... etc
anything that comes on star and hbo....
love story
a walk to remember
a must watch is "life is beautiful"

life is beautiful
RDB chak de
saagara sangamam
pursuit of will smith

Favourite Music:
rock... nirvana and pink floyd being my fav... closely followed by bryan adams... evanescence... pink... linkin park.. creed... green day... marlyn manson...
started listening to techno.......

rock.. pink floyd nirvana nickelback marilyn manson evanscence greenday creed list goes on

Favourite Books:
Atlas Shrugged...
Da vinci code...
used to read sydneys jeffreys
and yeah... robin cook..
linda goodman tooo
been long since i read a book....

Atlas SHrugged
The Alchemist
other Paulo Coelho

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Adam's Universe

Well... Adam's universe is paradise. True. This one is a paradise of sarcasm.
"The Restaurant at the End of the Universe"

Ah! whatever I say will never suffice. The effect is this. ANd that is how I would begin to speak if I read his "Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy"
I should read it.

So should you :)

Solitude Speaks

" "Here I am - this is me

There's no where else on earth I'd rather be"

So true... Fully content... "

These were my words an year ago... thank to my niche that i found...

I am in Jamshedpur today. It's a beautiful place to be. I have friends and I m working. It good fun and life goes on.

But still. There is a different place I'd rather be. I m missing Vizag. Missing Benguluru. But most importantly, I missing DellaPrincess. Dying to get back.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

HApPy BiRthDay !!!!

Today is my blog's second birthday !!!
Well actually it is yesterday - 24th June - but thanks to the time zone it is still her birthday in UK :)
And my second kid made it to her 2nd birthday successfully while I never gave my first one a proper birthday celebration itself.. :(
The last one year has been extremely eventful and happening one for slisha. :)

Sad thoughts aside... I Blog, therefore I am !!!
Three cheers to Slishacrazy
Clap clap clap!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Weird Weather

I stayed back today to catch some rest.
Was all alone and watching something completely worthless on the idiot box when all of a sudden I thought I heard rain. I turned around and it was all bright and sunny outside so I dismissed the idea and went back to the stupid box. But the sound kept persisting and I walked out to the balcony. It was raining! It was bright and sunny and it was raining! :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008


A group of social animals who suppose they are over and above the intellectual capabilities of the other members of their own species and refer to themselves as IITians whose ordinary members of the species are often refered to as people, who are basically bipeds with two arms and one head were fascinated by a piece of equipment that mankind(which is a generic term for these species) believes it has invented since it does not notice that it was flicked by one of their kind from the proxima minorito shuttle space rider.

To somehow use that little piece of equipment which they have come to call a digital camera they decided to record their boring gestures about their equally boring life during a training period which can be more repectfully refered to as a paid holiday. May be they could have done a better job on Frogstar B.

For the sequence of gestures they required characters who are undergoing the same training of wasting their time lazying around a not-so-interesting place called Jamshedpur. One of the required characters was of a female of the same species. The Fairy happened to be one.

Bottomline: A bunch of guys from IITkgp and IITb are making a short film with the internship at Tata Steel as the background setting and I am acting in it.

Oh! My plights!

Serendipity brings you here my friend
Where you share you joys
But mostly it's sorrows that all you have
You remember it all in glance
But joys don't stay long enough
A tear more precious a breathe more alive
A burning pain stays through
Till fire submerges
Drowning yet again
Why someone jots their plights
Is to let no one else know
To keep it within yourself
And shove away the shoulder
So they say ans spread
Sadness across all of globe
So they say and beg
For the merciless mercy from all
So they say and invite
All the empathetic sympathy
So they say
"Oh! My plights!"

PS: Inspiration drawn from a terribly given written All India Mock CAT conducted by T.I.M.E. Yes the test went so bad that the poetry flowed.. but mainly there was this incredible reading comprehension passage about why ppl need not go search for happiness since its not that worth it anyway and the sweetest songs come from our saddest thoughts :D

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Blog, therefor i am

I suddenly feel lucky that I blog. I really am. Every beautiful emotion I have felt, the fun, the laughter, the jokes, the sadness, the tears, the depth of every emotion, has been captured in these words. As I go back and read posts that I wrote an year ago, or may be even six months ago, I feel that emotion so strong and wonder how I've forgotten the feel and thank god that I captured it.

161 posts and still going strong, the day I forget the world this will be my most prized possession whether I continue blogging or not. And I thank my readers for supporting me :)

The Day The T.T. Table Ran Away

There is a certain movie called "The Day The Eiffel Tower Ran Away". I have no idea what it is except that it has been screened on Hallmark channel. I picked it for Dumb Charades :)

Now the title aside, I suck at sports. But I always wanted to learn something. Table tennis seemed like a nice game. I had always wanted to learn it. So at GT1, where I stay in Jamshedpur I decided to play T.T.
I found another girl to play with. She plays. I don't. But she was skeptical about teaching me. So we found two guys friends who play T.T.

The four of us played T.T. one day.
I actually attacked the ball, yippeee!!!
If I play continuously for the next one month I might actually be able to play. And so I decided that every day I shall play.

The next day the T.T. table was gone! Hostel renovation work!

PS: shouldn't it be just tennis table and not table tennis table ?? I mean if it's tennis table it has to be a table tennis table coz u cant play any other tennis on a table !

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

123rd page


The rules: Pick up the nearest book. Go to page 123. Find the fifth sentence. Post the next three sentences. Tag five people, and acknowledge the person who tagged you.

"That is how our relationship began. The ex-IIT gang on the first floor of the Boy's hostel had been keeping a close eye on our growing friendship. They would usually settle down in Joy and Gopher's room which had a ringside view of Dadu's and then based on their observations of what each couple was doing, they would formulate their hypotheses."

This turned out to be trippy indeed. Well, guess where this is from.

I tag: madman, ashtung, nimit, aditya, hseeniv

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Eat Out @ Jamshedpur 2

Disclaimer: I'm not a foodie and I think anything that is eatable is good. I do not spend too much time thinking about how what I just ate tasted nor on what I would like to eat as long as it fills me and doesnt get me hungry too soon. The only reason I blog about it because Jamshedpur hasn't got anything else to offer.


It wasa nice homely place to have dinner, with lots of families on a Saturday night. There were all kinds of people young and old and still younger. There were teenagers, kids and babies with their parents grandparents uncles and aunts. There was a birthday party. There were a bunch of guys hanging out. And of course there was us.

The food is really good and very filling. Oh by the way, naan is served in two pieces here, I guess it's three only in "Phoenix". I tried a little bit of mutton (which I generally tend to vomit out). The keema was so well-made that it didn't give the mutton after-taste. The not-too-spicy-but-yet-spicy-to-be-tasty food was amazing. Slightly on the higher end of a casual budget.

Then the dessert. Well, don't eat ice cream there; it's too sweet. But then it's not an ice cream place and almost any restaurant I had ice cream in never served good ice cream so no blame there.

All in all, a nice place to go with family or friends on a Saturday night.

So far: I found "City Cafe" a nice place to be.

Bookish Nightmare

I walked into the old mansion. There were just two other people in the entire building except for me and my friend. One was weird looking guy standing at the entrance and waiting for us and the other was the old librarian.

The mansion had a ground floor filled with books. We had to pass by it to go upstairs to our bedroom. But I was transfixed by the books I forgot my luggage and began browsing through the collection. The weird looking guy took my luggage upstairs and kept calling for me. He said I wasn't allowed to touch them. But I couldn't hear him. I was rooted to the books. I went through them I dropped to my knees and was crawling on the floor. I could hear some screams, some commotion. People don't want me here but I could not control myself. I could not do what I please. It was my knees and elbows that were leading me. My brain was filled with the books, the stories, the ideas and none of it was making any sense. A book that looked like a cool car or a plane came rolling on wheels into my arms and it was all about planes and cars and wheels. It had fictions as well as mechanical designs. And then there were these books with holes for eyes which looked around. There were books like lips and spoke. I was consumed by it all and at the back of my mind I could still here screams transforming into a name I could not place. I could neither think nor speak. The storm broke out and there was wind and water and the books smashing against each other with more screams.

The world was spinning, my head was reeling, there were books all around me flying in all directions and trying to get to me. Then I heard some faint music. It slowly pierced through the storm of books and reached me.
I woke up. My phone was ringing. "Hey wanna come down for a game of Carom's?".

I had wanted to go to the library to return 'The Calcutta Chromosome' and borrow another book but I had overslept. And when I woke up it was stormy and was raining heavily.

Pot O' Gold

A fairy decides to fill a pot with gold.
She raises her wand and swooshes it.
The beautiful band of golden light descends upon the world and starts filling in a pot.
The fairy dust is seen all around like firworks of gold.
The world is blessed.

Does it only happen in the land of magic ?
Well then I guess I went on a trip to magic land.

As I stood watching the molten iron fill into a huge torpedo (that's what the pot is called) I was transported to the fairyland. The molten metal didn't seem to be flowing; it was like aband of light quitely filling a pot with gold. And the sparks here and there, the splashes, were like the fairy dust sprinkling all over to bless us.

Yes, the twilight fairy has found her fairyland!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Eventual Eve

About 10 days ago, I had walked in to the office I shall be working in with two other internies; one was a guy from IIT Roorkee and the other was a girl from NIT Jamshedpur. Except for the two of us, there were no other women to be seen. Within a day we got information that there was just one female employee in the building. I ran into her one day and she told me that she was here for some official purpose and she doesn't really work here.
What else can you expect at an office that runs a blast furnace!

"I really wish some guys join here!".
This was the asperated statement made by the male internie I was earlier talking about. It came as the result of two girls joining in this week in our departmenet as internies. Today when I saw a couple of guys hanging around and said that they looked like internies, he was desperately wishing them to be and uttered that statement which made me roll over in peels peals of laughter.

Imagine a work environment with only male employees and a guy cribbing about being the only male trainee!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I just happened to observe this on the left-hand side of my Posts page:

It makes me happy:
That I blah a lot :D
That I am living an IITian Life
That I think a lot and build up on my philosophy in life
That I've been reading a lot of books
That have started my Intern dairies

It makes me sad:
That I haven't been writing and haven't written articles to The Hindu in a loooooooooong time
That music which is like an inevitable part of my life hasn't been blogged about much
That change is the in thing no longer in my life, except that I'm at Jamshedpur
That I haven't been taking many peeks into the past recently

Happy = 5
Sad = 4
Yeay! Clap clap clap

I'm happy and sad but on the happier side of the two :)

Malarial Silence

The Calcutta Chromosome
- Amitav Ghosh

I chanced upon this novel when a team presented it for the course, "Contemporary Indian Novel and Drama in English" which I took last semester.

The distinguishing feature about this novel is that, it doesn't end when the book finishes. It stays in your head for some more time till you actually get the story right. It takes time for you to comprehend. And what you comprehend may or may not be what the author wanted you to comprehend. May be the author did not want you to comprehend anything in particular but rather left it open ended for you to comprehend whatever pleases you or may be the author left it abruptly ended because it was too obvious to comprehend the rest though I didn't turn out to be as smart as he expected his readers to be.

Yes, it's confusing. That's why I said 'distinguishing' and not the usual words like best or worst. It just distinguishes it from other novels.

It talks about the research findings of Ronald Ross regarding malaria and goes on to talk about a secret cult following the religion endorsing Silence as a mother goddess and talks about the anti-knowledge which refers to changing what you in order not know it anymore.
It talks about the concept of the 'Calcutta Chromosome' : a chromosome like cell which carries characteristic traits but not passed on through generations and lies in the brain; does not reproduce but passes on through the malarial parasite which also works as a cure for syphilis. Due to this transfer of this chromosome it is possible for immortality through changing bodies and doting new incarnations.

The author has put in a lot of imagination, thought and work into it to make it a perfectly interesting read. In fact, it would make a better read for the westerners because of the oriental image painted so well finally leading to the mother goddess to reveal the scientific discoveries of eminent scientists.

It's a welcome relief from all the heavy doses of philosophical and humanitarian ideas from all the books I have been reading. I found it an amazing novel. It made me want to read it with the right amount of suspense that had been missing in the past few novels I read, namely Paulo Coelho and Khaled Hosseini.
It has doses of Indian suspense, drama, science, magic and spiritual sense.
The novel as such doesn't make sense, but when you make sense out of it that is what I mean by comprehend.

Bottom line: Read it. Whether you like it or not, you'll find it interesting.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Eat Out @ Jamshedpur

Disclaimer: I'm not a foodie and I think anything that is eatable is good. I do not spend too much time thinking about how what I just ate tasted nor on what I would like to eat as long as it fills me and doesnt get me hungry too soon. The only reason I blog about it because Jamshedpur hasn't got anything else to offer.


Luckily, they have a CCD here! It's like any other simple CCD, with chairs and tables and a couch or two. They, also like any other simple CCD serve coffee, frappe, chocolate fantasy and the soda machine may not work.

This is one place where you find girls so you don't feel awkward being one. The crowd is decent, since there is no other coffee shop or fast food place to hangout at. The music is good with Nirvana and the likes.
A nice place to hangout.

Chappan Bhog

A road-side eatery with Indian fast food.
A nice variety of sweets, chat, lassi, juices, (he even claims of idly-dosa-stuff but I didn't try it out). The food is really good and the spread of sweets is about 30 odd I think. Always crowded, it gives a good feel. On evening, cars are parked around with people feeding on the spicy chat and cool of with a lassi, taking a break from the shopping.


Err... It's a good place to go to if you don't feel like dining in your mess but not want to spend too much either. Not cheap, but decent enough.
Oh by the way, a naan here is served in 3 pieces and not 2 like in South India.

City Cafe

Serves good fried rice. They even serve Italian which is not so Italian but tastes good. A nice place to eat out on a Saturday with a good crowd. They even serve alcoholic beverages though it's not a place where you can get drunk. Just nice for a quite dinner. Slightly on the higher end of a casual budget.


I took the Saturday afternoon off so I can attend the Mock-CAT (yes I'm attending Mock CATs) in peace. But as it turned out, we don't have one this week. And I heard there is party in our hostel (where I stay with General Trainess or GTs in GT1) and there is no dinner unless you attend the party. Now I didn't want to gate crash so I left for dinner outside with a coupla friends.
When we came back and sat in the TV room in GT1, a GT came in and introduced himself. We got some ice cream and I left upstairs while the guys partied. [ In A block, the girls live on the first floor and guys live on the ground floor. ]
I watched along with the other girls from the balcony as the guys had one well-behaved wild party :) . It was nice to see that they are all still like under-graduates.

It also coincided with the inauguration of the H Blast Furnace, the biggest in the country with a production of nearly 2.2 million tonnes per annum, witrh a capacity of 2.5 mtpa. The G Blast Furnace where I work produces 1.8. There was a video conference on the 2nd of June with the MD regarding the HBF.

So it was an eventful weekend, except that those events didn't happen to me.